Public Relations Officers (PRO) to improve Police-Public relations

Amritsar Police has introduced PRO system in the Police Stations to create cordial relation between the police and the community. Women Police Officers have been deputed in the Police Stations to ensure better police accountability. PROs are responsible for attending the public at the Police Stations. They have been given power to register FIRs and to listen the grievances of the public.

People coming to the Police Stations were normally attended by the Munshi(MHC) and even genuine complaints of common people were not dealt with properly. Most of the cases remained unattended due to unfriendly behaviour of the Munshi with the common people.

Aims and objectives:
To work as a bridge between the Police and the Community
To create cordial relations with the public
To ensure Proper Public dealing
To make police more accountable for the redressal of grievances of common people
To ensure better coordination between Police and Public

Training: The officers posted in the PRO wing have been imparted special training so that they can deal with the common people properly. They have also been given one week training in stress management, public dealing and Yoga organized by Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan SL Public School from April 24 to April 30, 2007 through Maharshi Patanjali Foundation Bombay.

Duties and responsibilities:
· To attend the grievances of public in the Police Station.
· Internal administration of the PS
· To attend wireless and telephonic messages
· To maintain Register No. 1(FIR) and Rojnamcha of the Police Station
· To register FIR and entrust the investigation to detective officers
· To receive the complaints of the public and mark the same to the concerned officers
· All details about the area eg. Population, minority problems, sensitive places and points
· Co-ordination between other wings of the PS

Rotary Club Civil Lines has adopted Police Station Civil Lines to assist the PROs to bring improvements in the overall functioning of this Police Station.

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