How to get Untrace Report

Dear Citizens

You will be happy to know that in the last two months more than 100 stolen vehicles were recovered and handed over to the rightful owners by organising educative seminars in various Police Station and Police Posts. Recently we organised similar seminars in PS A Division, PS Galliara, PP Kot Khalsa and PP Durgiana. Even superdari orders from courts were obtained by the Police with a view to avoid inconvenience to the citizens.
However to facilitate our citizens who want to get untraced report regarding theft of vehicles and other articles where recoveries have not been made so far, we have made arrangements to avoid inconvenience.
With Regards------- Senior Superrintendent of Police, Amritsar

· How to get untraced report?
Please visit the CPRC counter in the SSP office.
Take the format, fill it up and submit the same to the officer present on duty.
You can collect your untraced report after 15 days from the same counter.
You are not required to visit the Police Stations for this purpose.
· You can also send the proforma through E-mail on policehelp100@gmail.com

Application to get Untrace Report
Name and parentage of the applicant:
Phone Number:
Description of the stolen property:
(Model, type and Reg. No., in case of vehicles)
FIR No. Date Under Section
Police Station

Signature of the applicant


Tips for Safety and Security of Tourists

Amritsar is an important tourist destination and also a transit point, where from international and national tourists make onward journey to various other places. Amritsar is emerging as a tourism hub and it is one of the most visited places in the world. Everyday around one lakh people visit this place. A large number of devotees from other sates of India as well as from the foreign countries come to pay obeisance to Harmandir Sahib and Durgiana Tirth. It is the need of hour to safeguard the interests of the Tourists as they face several problems related to transport, accommodations, getting tourism related information and many times they fall victims to cheats and touts losing their belongings and valuables.
Amritsar Tourism Police has been deputed at five points round the clock, namely Golden Temple, Airport, Bus Stand, Railway Station, and Attari Border. This is a part of service oriented policing which has been the top priority of Amritsar City Police and an attempt to present the Police as people friendly, especially to the tourist, who visits the city in large numbers from home and abroad.

General Precautions for the Tourists
A few simple precautions should be sufficient to ensure your safety.
1. Take help from Tourism police and other police officers on duty as per need.
2. Leave valuables and important papers, such as jewelry, foregn currency and passports, secured in your hotel's safe deposit box. Never leave these items unattended in your room or carry large sums of cash and valuables on your person.
3. Carry your wallet in an inside jacket pocket or side trouser pocket, never in the rear pocket.
4. Always keep a photocopy of your passport and visa while moving in the city.
5. Carry credit cards and cash in your pockets.
6. Do not move in any unknown vehicle. Ask for pre-paid taxi/auto. Take help from the hotel manager and or Tourism Police for vehicle assistance.
7. Do not take cycle rickshaw. These are neither safe nor balanced. There is always possibility of falling down from the cycle rickshaws.
8. In case in emergency you take cycle rickshaw, Please pull up the hood/top of the rickshaw.
9. Carry small bags in the bend of your elbow, held close to your body. If there is a long strap, wrap it around the bag.
10. Be wary of unexpected persons coming to your hotel room. Never open the door to unsolicited room service or maintenance people. Contact the front desk if you have any doubts.
11. If you schedule a meeting with a potential client, research the company and the individual with whom you are meeting. Meet in a public place, such as a restaurant.
12. Make sure that luggage is only given to a member of the hotel's bell staff and a receipt is issued for stored luggage. Never leave luggage or other expensive items, unattended at airports or taxi stands.

Important Contacts
Police Control Room: 100, 0183-2225054, 2225056
Senior Superintendent of Police: 0183-2227779, 2571852, 9814085205
SP HQ: 0183-2228685, 9781130102

SP CIty Zone I : 0183-2545858, 9781130103
SP City Zone II: 0183-2565621, 9781130102

Tourism Police helpline:9914508821, 9914508901
Inspector/Tourism Police: 9872900499
Police Sttaion Kotwali: 0183-2557670
Police Station Civil Line: 0183-2565286
E-mail: policehelp100@gmail.com
Contact us: http://www.policehelp.blogspot.com/