How to get Untrace Report

Dear Citizens

You will be happy to know that in the last two months more than 100 stolen vehicles were recovered and handed over to the rightful owners by organising educative seminars in various Police Station and Police Posts. Recently we organised similar seminars in PS A Division, PS Galliara, PP Kot Khalsa and PP Durgiana. Even superdari orders from courts were obtained by the Police with a view to avoid inconvenience to the citizens.
However to facilitate our citizens who want to get untraced report regarding theft of vehicles and other articles where recoveries have not been made so far, we have made arrangements to avoid inconvenience.
With Regards------- Senior Superrintendent of Police, Amritsar

· How to get untraced report?
Please visit the CPRC counter in the SSP office.
Take the format, fill it up and submit the same to the officer present on duty.
You can collect your untraced report after 15 days from the same counter.
You are not required to visit the Police Stations for this purpose.
· You can also send the proforma through E-mail on policehelp100@gmail.com

Application to get Untrace Report
Name and parentage of the applicant:
Phone Number:
Description of the stolen property:
(Model, type and Reg. No., in case of vehicles)
FIR No. Date Under Section
Police Station

Signature of the applicant


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Akhilesh Vyas said...

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