1. Park your vehicle in authorized parking only if you are in the market.
2. Do not leave the vehicle unattended without locking the ignition and removing the key.
3. Install loud alarm systems in your car, so that thieves will be discouraged even if they manage to break into your car. There are several alarm systems that will serve to deter or discourage the car thief, and alert others of forced entry into the car.
4. Do not leave the Licenses, registration cards or other identifying papers in the car. Tape and cassette decks and other expensive items in full view invite theft.
5. Do not park your vehicle outside your house at night, park it in the garage. Lock both the vehicle and the garage.
6. Paint car number on the front and rear of the body, apart from number plates. Ideally, have it etched on the windscreens and window glasses too. This prevents them from being misused by criminals using fake number plates.
7. Never leave the vehicle door unlocked, nor the windows partially open. Make sure that the quarter glasses are properly secured.

Report to the police without delay.
NOTE: False reporting of vehicle theft is a crime and can be punishable by a fine or imprisonment.

In order to secure your car several devices may be installed to deter or prevent theft of the car or any of its parts or contents. Anti-theft devices, expensive or not, are going to deter the inexperienced theft. The installation of anti-theft devices would provide obstacles to even the experienced thief by increasing the thief’s exposure to arrest.
* IGNITION CUT-OFF: A key-operated or hidden manual switch that interrupts the power supply from the battery to the ignition.
* FUEL CUT-OFF: Integrated into the fuel line, this device prevents the flow of gasoline once the fuel in the gas line is used. Only a special key deactivates the cut-off.
* IGNITION COLUMN GUARD: This security device can provide protection to the ignition starting system. The device fits around the steering column and over the ignition starting system.
* DOOR LOCKS: Visible inside door lock buttons should be smooth and tapered.
* ANTI-THEFT STEERING WHEEL LOCK: Locks on and prevents steering wheel from turning. Its high visibility deters theft.
* TRUNK LOCK: As an auxiliary or secondary locking device, a heavy duty chain lock may be installed inside the trunk and is key-operated.