Lodge your own FIR

‘Lodge your own FIR’ is an initiative by Amritsar Police for the benefit of the public. Common people always make complaints about non-registration of FIRs as well as having to face problems regarding jurisdiction of Police Stations.
A simple and brief format of FIR has been devised for lodging complaints. The format can be obtained from centralized booths. You can report about any complaint related to any Police Station at these booths. At present there are two booths functioning at the following locations:
1. Police Assistance Booth near Golden Temple ( 07 Am to 11.00 PM)
2. PS Sadar
The third booth will be opened at Police Post Circuit House very soon.

What you have to do for lodging an FIR:
· Take a format of FIR from the officer present in the booth.
· Fill up the columns of the format.
· Hand over the same to the officer.
· Take a receipt of the same.

Your FIR will automatically be registered in the concerned Police Station and you will get a copy of the same at your doorstep. This step is in accordance with section 154(3) of Criminal Procedure Code.

Caution: False reporting is an offence under Indian Penal Code.

This is in addition to other means of lodging FIRs. Amritsar Police has adopted the policy of Free and genuine registration of FIR for the convenience of the general public. Burking of crime as well as tagging of a number of incidents particularly theft incidents in a single FIR has been strictly prohibited. Earlier, there were complaints from the general public that FIRs were not registered freely and common public had to face difficulties to claim insurance because their names did not appear in the FIR.

Other means of getting an FIR registered
It is very easy to lodge an FIR. One can choose any of the following methods to lodge an FIR:
You can visit the Police Stations and lodge your complaints to the PROs. You can give written or oral report; in any case the PRO will register the FIR. You can get a copy of the FIR free of cost.
You can send your complaint through E-mail on the ID -- “policehelp100@gmail.com”. Your FIR will be registered and you can get a scanned copy of the FIR or gist of the FIR.
You can drop your complaints in the complaint boxes installed at various places in Amritsar.
Your FIR can be registered on telephone in exceptional cases. You can dial ‘100’ number at the Police Control Room or the concerned police Station. We have recently lodged a number of FIRs on telephonic information.

Contact us: http://www.policehelp.blogspot.com/
E-mail: policehelp100@gmail.com

For Registration of
(Under Section 154 Cr.P.C.)

1. Complainant / Informant:
(a) Name ........................................................................…
(b) Father's/Husband's Name ........................................................…
(c) Address

(d) Phone number and Fax
(e) E-mail:

2. Place of Occurrence:

In case, outside the limit of this District, then Name of District and State ………

3. Date and Time of occurrence:
4. Nature of offence (eg. Theft, burglary, snatching…)
Description of Stolen property (If any):

5. Details of known/suspected/unknown accused with full particulars:

6. Contents of the complaint (in brief):

Signature of the complainant/informant