Obey Traffic Rules to be safe and secure

    • Traffic Awareness Week (January 01 to 07, 2008)

      Dear Citizens

      We are entering in the New Year with this Traffic Awareness week to ensure your safety and security. Please obey the rules and avoid inconvenience to you and your fellow citizens. You will be surprised to know that 115 members of our society lost their lives in 2007 due to accidents (115 in 2006). At the same time 45 persons died due to murder in 2007 (49 in 2006).

      Enforcement and challans by the Traffic police does not aim to harass or to cause inconvenience to our citizens. The basic idea is to create a sense of responsibility and awareness to save you from irreparable damage. Moreover total challans made in 2007 is only 18,000 nearly 5000 less than the year 2006. Rather we concentrated more on educating the masses by organizing seminars in various schools and colleges apart from educating the rickshaw poolers, taxi drivers and truck drivers.

      We are also grateful to our sincere members of Police Advisory Committee for their active guidance and support. We are hopeful to get your valuable support and assistance to implement Traffic Management Plan launched on 31.10.2007 by Amritsar Police and Municipal Corporation.

      Wish you a very happy, prosperous and successful New Year 2008!!!

      Senior Superintendent of Police

      with all officers of Traffic Police of Amritsar City

Some Tips for safe driving

  • Park your vehicle only where parking is allowed. Do not park in places like: Crossings, Turns, Corners, High-speed ways, footpath, Bus Stop, School, Railway gate, opposite direction to road, especially at night.
  • Stay in Traffic Speed limits and slow down on Turns.
  • Always wear helmet while riding.
  • Do not use beacon lights and tinted glass or colour film on window screens.
  • Do not drive in drunken state.
  • When Turning Left... Look at the Rearview mirror, give Indicator, sound Horn, and take turn while staying in your lane (Try to stick to the side).
  • When Turning Right... Look at the Rearview mirror, give Indicator, sound Horn, and take turn while staying in your lane.(Try to take a wider turn).
  • Notice all the Traffic Signs you see on your way, and act appropriately.
  • Don't assume that the other Motorists know your intention. It is always necessary to give proper Signals while Starting, Turning, Slowing, and Parking your vehicle.
  • It is mandatory for every motorist to give way immediately to any Ambulance or Fire Engine. It is a duty of each citizen, for the sake of saving lives.
  • On crossings without control system (Traffic Lights), give adequate opportunity to Pedestrians (the people walking on the road) to avoid accidents.
  • When crossing Animal-driven Vehicles, give enough place by slowing down, and Do Not Sound Horn, because it may scare the Animal and it may run away.
  • 'U' turn - The driver must be careful, and should confirm it is safe to turn by looking in the rearview mirror. U turns are not allowed on busy roads. Proper signal for turning right must be given.
  • During Night, when a Vehicle, Cycle, or Animal Driven Vehicle approaches you, turn your headlights to 'dim' position and keep your vehicle slow.
  • Never park a vehicle on a Railway Line. Do not try to cross Railway line when the Gate is closed. Even if the gate is closed, listen carefully and look around to see if a Train is coming. Go further only when confirmed.
  • The Horn shall not at all be used in silent zones like Hospitals, schools, colleges, etc. No unusual sounds from a moving vehicle will be allowed.
  • Keep appropriate distance from the Vehicle moving ahead of you, so that there is enough place to stop your vehicle without damage, in case the vehicle ahead stops abruptly.
  • Seating passengers on the roof tops of Buses as well as on the trolleys and trucks is strictly prohibited and can be penalized.
  • Vehicles are not allowed to use any non-standard explosive, dangerous or polluting fuel.