Youngsters getting even in cyber world

The Hindustan Times, Chandigarh (09 August 2011)
Shailee Dogra [shailee.dogra@hindustamtimes.com]
Youngsters have found a new tool in social networking sites to get even with their estranged lovers, friends and colleagues.
The cyber crime wing of the Punjab Police have received more than 25 complaints regarding creation of fake and obscene profiles on Facebook a popular social networking site.
In her complaint to the cyber crime cell of the police, a married woman said her obscene profile was created on a social networking site. The reason, she cites, is a dispute going on in the family.
A similar complaint was received from a man, who requested that the profile of his married sister living abroad should be blocked. He said his sister had been linked up with his friend through morphed pictures.
In another complaint, a girl accused her colleague -with whom once she was friends with of sending obscene messages after creating her fake profile on the social networking site.
“We are receiving increasing number of complaints, wherein fake profiles have been created on Facebook. There have been incidences where ex-boyfriend of a girl or estranged husband have tried to malign their former partners out of sheer jealousy,“ said Cyber crime wing's senior superintendent of Police Kunwar Vijay Pratap Singh.
These complaints reveal it's mostly college girls or office going women who were subjected to humiliation through social networking sites after they fell apart from their friends or colleagues. Many a times, hurt by rejection or by a broken relationship boys have created obscene profiles to malign the image of girls.
“Youngsters feel that if you don't have a Facebook account you are old-fashioned. Thus more and more of the younger lot is logging on to social networking sites without taking adequate measures to secure their personal details, which are posted online and can be assessed easily,“ added Singh.
He said having most friends on Facebook is the latest fad.
Youngsters do not realise that they are becoming more susceptible to such cyber crime, where anyone can use there personal information and misuse it, he said.
The police officer advises people to exercise restraint while accepting online friend requests from strangers.
“You give them access to vital information. People are in the habit of posting personal information online, which should be avoided,“ the SSP said.