Police Advisory Committee for better community participation

Amritsar Police has set up Police Advisory Committee to streamline the project COP (Community oriented Policing). Besides this two separate committees have been set up to improve traffic system and to tackle with drug menace. Area Defense Committees will be set up for every Police Station in the next phase.

The Police Advisory Committee will assist the police in various key policing areas. The committee comprising of various stakeholders of the society can be able to suggest measures to improve the functioning of police and also to make it more community friendly. The committee will sit at least twice in a month at a convenient place to discuss the core policing issues.

The committee will consist of:

  1. The representatives of Rotary Club Amritsar
  2. Senior professors of Guru Nanak Dev University Amritsar
  3. Principals of schools and Colleges
  4. Members of District Civil Defense
  5. Representatives of Trade and industries
  6. Representatives of CII (Confederation of Indian Industries)
  7. Representatives of Bar
  8. Any person who volunteers for the common cause

Traffic Advisory Committee: This committee will suggest measures to improve the traffic system in the City and also to assist in the implementation process. Honorary Traffic wardens will be selected to assist the police in the enforcement of traffic rules as well as to create awareness in the masses.

Drug Awareness Committee: This committee has been set up to tackle with the menace of drugs. The committee consisting of intellectuals, educationist and professionals will suggest measures to curb the supply line of drugs and also to create awareness among the masses to reduce the demand line.


  1. To bring the community and the police closer
  2. To bring infrastructural reforms in the core policing areas
  3. To take help from the common people to improve police functioning
  4. To provide maximum satisfaction to common people
  5. To ensure strict action against the criminals

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