Kunwar Vijay Partap Singh and Dr. R.S. Sandhu spoke on Drug Addiction

Amritsar, January 19 (Bharat Sandesh)- Drug abuse cuts across age, class, ethnic and gender lines, however in Punjab it is more spread in the age group of 18-35, said Mr. Kunwar Vijay Partap Singh, IPS former SSP of Amritsar while delivering his lecture on "How to tackle the Menace of Drugs". This function was organized by the Students' Welfare Department of the Guru Nanak Dev University in association with Chronic Care Foundation, New Delhi.

Dr. Inderjit Singh, Registrar of the University presided over while Mr. Kunwar Vijay Partap Singh was the chief guest on this occasion. Dr. R.S. Sandhu, Senior Professor of Sociology also delivered his lecture on "Drug Addiction: A Social Problem". A Nukad Natak-Nasha Mukat Punjab was also preformed by Chronic Care Foundation, New Delhi on this occasion.

Kunwar Vijay Partap Singh said that Drug abuse is a social menace which played a detrimental role on our social system. He said that Drug-related problems include increased rates of crime and violence, susceptibility to HIV/AIDS and hepatitis, demand for treatment, and a breakdown in social behavior. This menace if not curbed in time can pose serious threat to our moral and social values in general and to the nation as a whole, he added.

While talking about the role of police in tackling this menace, he said that the Police Advisory committee has been set up to tackle the menace of drugs. He said that the committee consisting of intellectuals, educationists and professionals would suggest measures to curb the supply line of drugs and also to create awareness among the masses to reduce the demand line. He said that till date we have been able to control the menace of drugs upto 75 to 80 percent.

Dr. R.S. Sandhu while speaking on 'Drug Addiction: A Social Problem' said that in India, 62.5 million people use alcohol, 8.75 million use cannabis, two million use opiates, and 0.6 million use sedatives or hypnotics. He said about 17% to 26% of these people can be classified as dependent users who need urgent treatment. He said that in the case of Punjab, according to a study of household survey in different regions of Punjab, the extent of drug addiction varies from 61% to 68.6%. He said that this problem is increasing day by day and it is aggravating many other serious problems such as crime, AIDS, sex, accidents and interpersonal relations.

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