Situation in the city is normal

Amritsar, Thursday, May 28, 2009
Dear Citizens,
The situation in the holy city which got tense in Punjab after attack on some religious leaders in Vienna on May 24, 2009 is now absolutely normal. Do not heed rumours. All the schools, colleges and establishments have been asked to open as on normal days. Markets and shopping centres are already open. You can contact any of our helpline numbers including SSP (9814085205), ASP (9781130106), DSP City (9781130107), Kotwali SHO (9781130205), SHO PS Rambagh(9781130201) in case of any trouble.

You will be happy to know that Amritsar Police took the situation under control right in the first hour as soon as the violence broke out on Monday. We did not hesitate to use force on the mischief-mongers resultantly we were able to contain the damage to the minimum. The crowd managed to break window-panes of 5 to 6 buses inside the Bus Stand but were forced to flee on police action when they tried to set a bus ablaze. The crowd was prevented at Bhandari Bridge from rushing to the Railway Station with intent to vandalise and cause damage to Public Property.

Similarly when the mob tried to break the glasses of shops in Hall Bazar and Katra Jaimal Singh area, the Police dispersed the crowd using cells of tear gas. Since then the situation is under control.

We did not impose curfew in any part of Amritsar. However shops and other establishments were closed on Monday in and around Bus Stand, Hall Bajar and Katra Jaimal Singh as a matter of precaution. The Civil Lines area remained untouched with the disturbance as we closed both the bridges – Bhandari Bridge as well as New Bridge of Hukum Singh Road.

You will be happy to know that our District Police showed tremendous response and reflection to control the situation and we did not call for Army or Para Military Forces though Army was kept on high alert here.

Six persons have been arrested so far and other precautionary measures are being taken as per need. The representatives of Shri Ravidass community met me yesterday and assured to cooperate in the peace process and to restore normalcy in the city.

I express my sincere gratitude to you all for your kind cooperation and assistance. We have solved many such problems in the past like Dera Sachha Sauda episode together. I hope similar cooperation in the future also.

Yours Sincerely
Kunwar Vijay Pratap Singh, IPS
Senior Superintendent of Police
Amritsar City


Navneet said...

Great work!!!!!well done.

tibetan said...

six person were rightly arrested because they were not of ravidass community and they had the malafide intention.They were giving threat to innocent citizen and damaging the public property and with intention of looting they entered in the factory.
Your effort was great to control the situation.