Amritsar Police for Mentoring of Police Stations

Amritsar Police has started to mentoring the Police Stations to bring more transparency as well as to prepare the officers to give optimum output by creating work-atmosphere. One senior officer of the rank of DSP or SP or SSP has been designated as mentor for a Police Station. The mentors have to visit the Police Stations on every week preferably on every Thursday. Mentoring has been differentiated with checking and inspections. This is a more a guiding exercise rather than fault finding.

The main objectives are:
· To encourage the Police Station Officers to give optimum output
· To bring transparency in the system
· To bring the community closure to the police
· To inculcate a sense of trust between senior officers and field officers
· To prepare the police station officers for future challenges

· The Mentors will spend at least four hours in the Police Station on the day of visit in a very informal manner.
· They will give specific remark on the effectiveness and functioning of Police Officers of the police Station as well as on the overall performance of the Police Station.
· They will submit a report to the SSP regarding improvements brought in the functioning as well as problems faced by the officers.

Functions of the mentors
To encourage the Police Station Officers to work for ‘Result Oriented Policing’
To hold meeting with the Beat officers and take feedback from them in a very cordial atmosphere.
To hold meeting with Investigating Officers and brief them to dispose of long pending investigations especially heinous cases and cases over one year
To ensure presentation of challan within stipulated period of 90/60 days
Effective follow-up(pairwai) of trial of heinous and important cases
To assist the SHO to check the menace of drugs
To guide the officers to remove traffic hazards at specific places
To attend the people coming to the police Station and redress their grievances
Meeting with the members of Community Liaison Group and set up a system of Alternate Dispute Redressal
To monitor the progress of campaign against absconders and proclaimed offenders
To ensure presence of bad characters and persons on surveillance
To monitor the progress on efforts made to bound down the persons under section 107 and 110 CrPC

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