1. Do not encourage a return call. If the calls persist to the point that they become harassment, report it to the police. You can mail it on the e-mail www.policehelp100@gmail.com or you can drop your complaints to the nearest complaint box.
2. Caller Line Identification (Caller ID) service is available on your landline phone as well as your cellphone that you may find helpful.
3. Obscene calls and SMSs represent abnormal behaviour that could be potentially dangerous. People who make obscene calls find gratification from the response of the recipient. The best initial reaction is to hang up immediately.
4. If obscene calls and SMSs persist, the police will investigate. An important preliminary step in the investigation is to establish a time pattern for the calls. This will assist the police in apprehending the caller.
5. Do not hesitate to report to the police otherwise it will be more dangerous for you and your family. We have set up a dedicated cell to investigate these types of cases.

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